Row Villas

Engraving natural and luxurious beauty from Vietnamese traditional architecture, Row Villas own exceptional exclusive sophistication which satisfies all desires of a premier hospitality experience and is worthy of the owner’s class.

Consummate Essentia
on the
Pearl Island

Attending to the perceptions and experience of each guest, the entrance of 2-story Row Villas is graced with mini-gardens and skylights designed to draw in sunlight and ventilate. While the first floor of each villa is equipped with a standard pool and a separate pavilion, the second floor opens into the sweeping scenery of an infinity pool facing the ocean. Lock-off design is well-suited to accommodate 2 different groups of occupants.


  Storey: 2
  Villa Quantity: 24
  Total size: 197 - 254m2
  Total rooms: 2 - 3

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