Lake Center Villas

Situated at the heart of the infinity pool, Lake Center Villas possess the grandstand view of the limitless sapphire beyond the bay. With their own private pools, spacious interior gardens and private theater houses for each cluster, Lake Center Villas are the preeminent villas of Regent Phu Quoc.


Lake Center Villas are located in the central location overlooking the infinity pool, occupying the most beautiful view towards the blue bay. The flexible lock-off system in each Villa is well-suited to accommodate 3 different groups of accupants. Owning private swimming pools and spacious interior garden, Lake Center Villas is one of the most outstanding villas of Regent Residences Phu Quoc


  Storey: 1
  Villa Quantity: 4
  Total size: 374 m2
  Total rooms: 4

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