Beach Villas

Accompanied by virgin sands, rolling coastline and the azure ocean, the beach villas will unequivocally leave an indelible impression. Here, truly, is the embodiment of any man’s most coveted dream. Once inside, you will certainly be enchanted by the irresistible allure of this Super Villa. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows encapsulate the panorama and reflect the waves, adding to the lounge’s mesmerizing magic.


Situated on beachfront, bringing the most authentic experiences of pure white sand, long coastline and vast ocean, Beach Villas are super villas, owning salient location, unique design and modern amenities. The space inside each villa is spacious enough for 3 different groups to stay in thanks to lock-off system. The large glass windows in the Villas embrace the surroundings, optimize vision, while ensuring natural light always permeates space.


  Storey: 1
  Villa Quantity: 4
  Total size: 416 - 706 m2
  Total rooms: 4-7

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